Our firm was established after years of extensive activity in the sphere of civil – commercial litigation. The firm specializes in the commercial – civil sphere, commercial litigation, companies, banking, torts, liquidations, receivership, bankruptcy, execution and real estate.

The unique professional knowledge, combined with the substantial experience the founder of the firm accrued in the course of working for the Tel Aviv District Attorney (Civil) and large leading firms, together with a dynamic young, professional and proficient team comprising the firm, provides clients with the opportunity of receiving first class legal and commercial services, adapted to the personal needs of clients, whether it is a large company, a young enterprise, or a private client.

The firm has a clear business orientation acquired through many years of experience in accompanying firms, businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage  - and it serves as the legal advisor of the Israel Business Consultants Association ( The firm also provides on-going consultancy to business consultants and companies throughout the country.

Together with the Israel Business Consultants Association, the firm is currently promoting a law for the establishment of a business consultancy occupation for companies and businesses.

The firm’s main spheres of work are: corporate law, banking laws, class actions, receiverships, liquidations and bankruptcy, execution, intellectual property, contractual ties and agreements, representation in court in the sphere of commercial law, lawsuits against banks, insurance companies and government authorities, libel suits, injunction and mandamus orders, property taxes, representing tenants in National Outline Plan and execution of real estate transactions.

We believe that good work is the product of investment, professionalism and sharing the details of the work with the client. Each and every client and file receives the utmost personal attention, investment and assistance in establishing, succeeding and extending his businesses.

The firm’s excellence is measured by the returning clients who are assisted by our services time and again and in the successes we achieved on their behalf, inside and outside the courts. This extensive experience, unyielding professionalism and tenacity to stand by our clients until the objective is achieved, together with a broad business and economic viewpoint, allow us to provide our clients with quality, professional and in-depth legal services, with emphasis on availability and prompt responses.

The firm's clientele includes commercial companies, contractors, entrepreneurs,  factories, printing houses, logistics, transportation and shipping companies,  contracting firms, dance and fitness academies, societies (amutot), institutions and organizations, as well as many private clients.

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Michal Shahar, Advocate

Main spheres of occupation: commercial - civil law, corporate law, accompaniment of companies and businesses, banking laws, transactions, contracts, real estate, litigation and class actions.

1. LL.B. – Tel Aviv University (2002)

2. LL.M - Bar Ilan University, specializing in commercial law (2006)

3. Languages: Hebrew, English, French.

4. Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2003.

5. Founder and partner in the firm since 2008.

Advocate Michal Shahar is the founder and senior partner of the firm, specializing in representation of companies and entities in complex transactions involving significant sums. Her clients include leading commercial companies in their sphere, as well as foreign companies and entities in their businesses in Israel, as well as private clients.

In addition, Advocate Shahar has a wealth of experience in complex commercial litigation before a wide range of judicial panels. Attorney Shahar provides consultancy to the firm’s clients in extensive areas of civil and commercial law, including banking, companies, contracts, real estate, liquidation, receivership and bankruptcies, including class actions. Advocate Shahar has expertise in negotiations and execution of complex commercial transactions on behalf of her clients in Israel and abroad.

Advocate Shahar has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the establishment and ongoing accompaniment of companies and enterprises, transactions and agreements in a variety of commercial areas, including sale and purchase of companies and business activities, investment, distribution and franchise agreements. In addition, Advocate Shahar specializes in the sphere of real estate and in this framework, accompanies private and commercial land transactions, contractors and transactions in the sphere of National Outline Plan 38.

The variety of clients represented by Advocate Shahar in the course of her years of activity, includes the Israel Lands Administration, the Israel Police, government ministries, organizations and amutot, industrial companies, large business enterprises, private clients, etc.

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